Students and work permit

More than 90,000 students come to study in Canada every year and more people go there to learn French or English. International students enrich the classroom on the cultural level. Their knowledge and skills are welcome in Canadian schools.

A prospective student must obtain the necessary authorizations to study and work if There's place. CIBIC committed to assist and guide in making the right choice for your education and obtain a study permit or work permit if There's place.

To be eligible:
  • You must have been accepted by a school, college, university or other educational institution in Canada;
  • You must prove you have enough money to pay:
    • tuition fees;
    • living expenses for you and your family members accompanying you to Canada;
    • transportation expenses for you and your family with you;
  • You must be a law abiding citizen with no criminal record, and do not present a risk to the security of Canada. You may have to submit a police certificate;
  • You must be healthy and willing to undergo a medical examination, if necessary;
  • You must convince the immigration officer that you will leave Canada when you have finished your studies.

As of January 26, 2021, applicants to the Foreign Student Program must submit an application for temporary selection for studies and pay the fees payable by the application for temporary selection online and submit their supporting documents electronically. in Arrima. Hard copy applications are accepted at the Ministry until January 25, 2021.